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  Natpak has been an industry expert in packaging since 1978. We provide a complete packaging and point of sales display solution for luxurious consumer products such as time pieces, jewelry, eyewear, cosmetics, stationary, premium alcohol as well as consumer electronics. Since the art of packaging is what elevates a product into a luxury brand, our entire team focuses on creating the most spectacular open-box experience for your customers. Based on the customer’s input, our design team will first start from scratch at the drawing board, and then our engineers will perform pre-production testing to make sure the designs are suitable for mass manufacturing. During the production process, our quality control team will enforce the top standard for every unit of the products. Once they are manufactured, our logistic team will help manage our customers’ shipments to arrive their destinations safely and promptly. As a FSC™ certified company, we always challenge ourselves to be as eco-friendly as possible both in our products and our services. We continue to discover new technology in the industry to make our products more cost-efficient and energy saving. That’s how we do it at Natpak.